Friday, 18 April 2014

My Favorite Camping Recipes

Preparing sandwiches on a campfire.
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 There are many great recipes that you can prepare to have nice, delicious dishes. However there are two recipes that are easy to prepare and give you plenty of energy for camping. The first is a campfire sandwich, the second is grilled sausage with potatoes and green beans.

 A campfire breakfast sandwich is the closest you can get to a hot sandwich that you would otherwise prepare in your own kitchen at home. This meal is not that easy to prepare as you either have to take a hobo toaster with you, or you have to spend a little more time preparing for your cooking.

 The way to use a hobo toaster with this meal is to butter both slices of bread, and toast them with that device. You have to put the hobo toaster into the fire. When the bread is ready you have to crack an egg on one slice of the bread. After that put a slice of cheese on the bread. You have to turn the toaster several times. You can use coal or ember with the hobo toaster, but don't use open fire, your sandwich would get burned.

 If you don't have a hobo toaster, you can spear the slices of bread with a wooden stick and hold it over the ember. Meanwhile put a rock into the fire. When the rock is hot, crack an egg over it. When the bread is toasted put the prepared egg on the toasted bread. When the whole thing is still hot put the slices of cheese on it. It will melt and your delicious sandwich is ready to be eaten.

 My other favourite campsite dish is potatoes, green beans and sausages prepared together in tinfoil. It is a nutritious meal made that is easy to prepare, and it takes no more than fifty minutes. You have to cut up the sausages, slice the potatoes and wash the green beans. Peel and cut a few onions up as well. Put the ingredients into a tinfoil bag which you pour a bit of oil into. Spice the whole mix with salt and pepper. Close the bag, and hit a few holes into it. Pour some water into the tinfoil bag. It takes around twenty to thirty minutes to cook the dish, you have to turn it once in the ember.

I hope you liked these two recipes. Both are easy to prepare, and give you plenty of energy for your camping endeavours.

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